General Terms and Conditions of Contract

General Terms and Conditions of Contract

1. Details of the Service Provider

Company name: Norta Kft.

Registered seat: 4002 Debrecen, külterület 0752/13/BB hrsz.

Company registration number: 09-09-035786

Tax number: 13627375-2-09

2. General terms and conditions

2.1. The present General Terms and Conditions regulate the use of the Service Provider’s accommodation and other services.

2.2. The individual conditions do not constitute part of the General Terms and Conditions, and therefore, the Service Provider may also conclude separate individual agreements in addition to the present General Terms and Conditions.

3. Contracting Party

3.1. The services provided by the Service Provider are to be used by the Guests.

3.2. If a Guest submits the order for the services to the Service Provider directly, the Guest shall be the Contracting Party. The Service Provider and the Guest shall jointly become contracting parties (hereinafter: the Parties) if the contractual conditions are fulfilled.

3.3. If the order for the services is submitted to the Service Provider on behalf of the Guest by a third party (hereinafter: the Intermediary), the conditions of the cooperation shall be regulated by the contract that is concluded by the Service Provider and the Intermediary. In this case, the Intermediary assumes full responsibility for the legal effects arising from the representation; therefore, the Service Provider is not obliged to examine whether the third party (representative) represents the Guest lawfully.

3.4. In case of the use of massage and wellness services, the Guest shall inform the Service Provider of any health problems and/or conditions that may pose a health risk. The Service Provider shall inform the Guest about the potential risks of the massage and wellness services.

4. The contractual relationship:

4.1. In response to the request for an offer sent by the Guest (or the Intermediary acting on behalf of the Guest) verbally or in writing, the Service Provider shall send an offer. The sale of the rooms shall be subject to the available capacities. The rules of booking shall be regulated by the Service Provider’s other contractual relationship, which means that confirmations are not always sent on a first-come, first-served basis.

4.2. The contract shall be concluded by way of the written confirmation of the booking made in writing, and it is therefore considered to be a written contract. Bookings, agreements, modifications made verbally or verbal confirmation of the same by the Service Provider shall not qualify as contracts.

4.3. The scope of the contract shall cover the subject matter, place, duration and price of the service. Further, it shall also cover the terms of payment, cancellation and modification.

4.4. A written agreement by the Parties is required for the modification and/or supplementation of the Contract.

5. Basic services of the hotel:

5.1. Accommodation services

Types of accommodation:

5.1.1. Standard double room: bedroom with two separate beds of 90x200 cm size, bathroom (wash basin, shower, toilet), and balcony. Max. 1 extra bed may be added to some of the rooms.  Area: 24m2.

5.1.2. Connecting standard double rooms: 2 adjacent standard double rooms, with a door on the connecting wall that is lockable from either side. Each room has a bathroom (wash basin, shower, toilet), a balcony, and the possibility to an extra bed. Area: 2x24 m2.

5.1.3. Large standard double room: bedroom with two separate beds of 90x200 cm size, bathroom (wash basin, shower, toilet), and balcony. Max. 1 extra bed may be added to some of the rooms.  Area: 34 m2.

5.1.4. Superior room: bedroom with two separate beds of 90x200 cm size, bathroom (wash basin, bathtub, toilet), living room with fold-out sleeper sofa, for max.  2 children. Area: 35 m2.

5.1.5. Junior suite: bedroom with double bed of 90x200 cm size, 2-person hydromassage bathtub in the bedroom, living room with fold-out sleeper sofa, for max. 1 child, bathroom (wash basin, shower, toilet) and balcony. Area: 47 m2.

5.1.6. “Fenyves” suite: bedroom with double bed of 160x200 cm, two single bedrooms each with a bed of 90x200 cm size, fold-out sleeper sofa in living room, for max. for 2 children. Bathroom (wash basin, shower and bathtub, toilet), balcony. Area: 170 m2.

5.2. Catering/food service

5.2.1. In case of half board, the hotel provides for the Guests a buffet-style breakfast and a 3-course dinner to be chosen from the half-board menu, during the posted opening hours. Any food/drink may only be taken out of the restaurant with the prior permission of the restaurant manager.

5.2.2. Individual dietary requirements may be satisfied if discussed in advance.

5.3. Wellness service

5.3.1. Spa services may be used in compliance with the rules of Erdőspuszta Club Hotel, which Guests can find posted at the wellness reception.

5.3.2. Massage treatments, cosmetic and hairdressing services are available on the basis of appointment.

Appointments may be cancelled free of charge until 24 hours in advance, after which time the Service Provider may charge a cancellation fee.

5.4. Leisure time services

5.4.1 The hotel organises leisure time programmes and services in the area of Erdőspuszta Club Hotel for adult and child guests, in respect of which the Service Provider reserves the right to change the programme.

6. Prices

6.1. The hotel’s room prices are posted on the website of the hotel.

6.2. Fees for other hotel services are also shown on the website of the hotel.

6.3. Our hotel’s pricing is in line with free market practice, which means that the prices may change freely without prior notice.

6.4. The prices include the rate of value added tax (VAT) as laid down by the relevant provisions of law in force at the time of the offer. The hotel shall charge to the Contracting Party additional costs arising from any changes to the tax law in force.

6.5. The tourism tax is to be paid in addition to the accommodation price.

6.6. Current discounts, promotions and other offers are shown on the website of the hotel.

7.  Payment terms

7.1. We request that 30% of the total amount of the service fee be paid as advance deposit, within 5 working days after the confirmation given by the Service Provider, by way of postal money order or bank transfer, and that a copy of the proof of payment (with the indication of the name, address, and confirmation number, and if a commercial invoice is needed, also the tax number and registered address) be sent to the Service Provider. 

7.2. If there are 5 days or less between the time of the booking and the arrival, the Guest shall pay the full amount at the reception at the time of booking.

7.3. In case of special offers, the payment terms and conditions may be different, as set out in the confirmation sent in writing.

7.4 If no advance payment is made, the service provider may cancel the reservation without prior notice.

7.5. Accepted forms of payment: cash, bank transfer, credit card, Széchenyi Recreation Card

7.6. The costs associated with the use of any payment method shall be borne by the Contracting Party, or charged to his or her Széchenyi Recreation Card.

8. Changing bookings

8.1. The changing of a finalised and confirmed booking to different date or room type, or the adjustment of the number of guests is possible, subject to the prices in effect at the time and the available capacities of the hotel, with the following terms and conditions:

8.2. A booking may be changed (in terms of length of stay or number of guests) up to 10 days before the date of arrival; the fee to be paid is 50% of the number of guest nights and persons cancelled.

8.3. In the case of individual and promotional offers, the terms of and conditions of change as set out in the offer shall apply.

9. Cancellation policy

9.1. Bookings may be cancelled in writing.

9.2. Bookings may be cancelled free of charge up to 10 days before the arrival date; the fee to be paid thereafter is 50% of the amount of the service fees.

9.3. In case of cancellation within 10 days prior to arrival, we are unable to refund the deposit. However, the dates of the booking may be changed free of charge until 31 December 2021, subject to the then current package offers and the available capacity, as discussed with the reception.

9.4. In the case of individual and promotional offers, the terms of and conditions of cancellation as set out in the offer shall apply.

9.5. The fees for services booked but not used by the Guest are not refundable.

9.6. The conditions of withdrawal from the contract are governed by Government Decree 45/2014. (II.26). 

10. The method and rules of using the services

10.1. Guests can move into their rooms (check in) from 2 p.m. on their day of arrival, and shall move out (check out) by 11 a.m. on the last day of their stay.

10.2. Guests shall provide proof of their identity at the time of checking in.

10.3. Any Guest suffering from a possible infectious disease shall inform the Hotel accordingly. The Guest shall be liable for any damage resulting from the failure to provide such information.

10.4. By signing the check-in form, the Guest agrees to comply with the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and our House Rules.

10.5. The hotel shall not be responsible for any injuries suffered by Guests due to their own fault.

10.6. The hotel shall charge expenses arising from any wilfully caused damage to the Guest causing such damage. 

10.7. Any damage in the hotel room resulting from use not in line with the intended purpose between the time of check-in and check-out shall be considered as damage caused by the Guest.

11. Pets

11.1. Erdőspuszta Club Hotel**** has 3 dedicated rooms where Guests can stay with pets. Pets are not allowed in any of the other rooms.

11.2. When requesting an offer and making a booking, the Guest shall indicate that he/she is travelling with a pet. Pets can only be brought to the hotel if the Service Provider confirmed in advance, in writing, that they can be brought to the hotel.

11.3. Maximum 2 clean, well-groomed, well-trained pets, each weighing less than 10 kg may be brought to a room.

11.4. If a Guest brings a pet to the hotel without prior consultation, the animal can only stay if we can change the booking to one of the dedicated rooms. In this case, the Service Provider shall charge all pet-related fees.

11.5. At the time of arrival with pets, a security deposit of HUF 50,000 per room shall be paid. If the pet damages any furniture or equipment of the hotel, or upon departure, the Service Provider finds that cleaning more thorough than normally is needed due to the stay of the pet, the costs of the above shall be deducted from the security deposit. If the pet does not cause any damage in the area operated by the Service Provider that requires repairs or cleaning more thorough than normally needed, the full amount of the security deposit shall be refunded to the Guest upon departure.

11.6. Pets can only be walked on a leash. Pets may only be present in the park, in the area of the playgrounds and pools, as well as in buildings, including the restaurants, the playhouse and all public spaces, if their behaviour is not disturbing for the other guests and the staff. Otherwise, the pet must be removed from the area at the request of the staff in charge there.

11.7. The use of kitchen utensils and hotel textiles for the pets is prohibited, and pets are not allowed in the beds either. 

11.8. The Service Provider may check the condition of the room periodically, and based on its findings, it may refuse to continue to provide the services and may terminate the contract for the provision of the accommodation service with immediate effect

11.9. The Guest is fully liable for any damage caused by the pet, also in excess of the amount of the security deposit. The Service Provider accepts no responsibility for any escaped pets.

12. Rejecting the fulfilment of the contract, termination of the obligation to provide services:

12.1. The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the contract for accommodation services with immediate effect, i.e. to reject the provision of services, if:

  • the Guest is not using the room and the facility provided in accordance with their intended purpose;
  • the Guest violates the security and order of the accommodation, behaves objectionably or rudely with the staff;
  • the Guest is under the influence of drugs;
  • the Guest engages in any threatening, offensive or anti-social behaviour,
  • the Guest suffers from an infectious disease;
  • the Guest fails to perform its payment obligation within the agreed time limit;
  • in case of Force Majeure.


13. Accommodation guarantee:

13.1. If the Service Provider is unable to provide the services specified in the contract due to its own fault, the Service Provider shall, immediately and at its own expense, arrange for substitute accommodation for the Guest.

13.2. The Service Provider shall provide free transportation to the substitute accommodation offered and, if necessary, for moving back from such place.

13.3. If the Service Provider performs these obligations to the full extent, and the Guest accepts the substitute accommodation offered, the Guest may not subsequently submit to the Service Provider a claim for damages.

14. The sickness or death of the Guest

14.1. If the Guest becomes ill during his or her stay or the use of the services, and cannot act on his/her own behalf, the Service Provider shall offer medical assistance.

14.2. In the event of any illness and/or death of the Guest, the Service Provider may enforce against the relatives or heirs the costs related to the medical treatment and/or the transportation of the deceased.

15. The rights of the Contracting Party:

15.1. Pursuant to the Contract, the Guest is entitled to use the booked room as well as those facilities of the accommodation which fall within the normal range of services and are not subject to special conditions.

15.2. The Guest may submit a complaint regarding the performance of the services by the Service Provider during the time spent at the hotel. The Service Provider shall investigate complaints submitted in writing (or recorded by the Service Provider) during the above time period.

15.3. The Guest’s right to file complaints shall cease after leaving the accommodation.

16. The obligations of the Contracting Party:

16.1. The Contracting Party shall pay the consideration for the services identified in the contract by the deadline and using the method specified in the contract.

16.2. Guests shall ensure the supervision of their children under the age of 18 who arrive with them. The hotel shall not be responsible for any damage arising from failure to do so.

16.3. Guests may not bring any food or beverages to the area of the hotel.

17. The Contracting Party’s liability for damages:

A Guest shall be liable for any damage or disadvantages caused to the Service Provider or a third party by the Guest, any person accompanying the Guest or for whom the Guest is responsible. Guests shall be liable to pay the Service Provider for any damage caused by them. This liability also exists if the injured party demands compensation for his or her damages directly from the Service Provider.

18. The rights of the Service Provider:

If the Guest fails to perform his/her obligation to pay the fee for the services used or ordered in the Contract but not actually used, the Service Provider may enforce a lien on the Guest’s personal belongings brought to the hotel in order to secure the claims of the Service Provider.

19. Obligations of the Service Provider:

The Service Provider shall:

19.1. provide the accommodation and other services ordered on the basis of the contract according to the relevant requirements and service standards;

19.2. investigate the Guest’s written complaint and take the steps necessary to handle the given problem, the results of which shall be recorded in writing.

20. The Service Provider’s liability for damages:

20.1. The Service Provider assumes responsibility for any damage caused to the Guest within its facilities due to the unlawful conduct of the Service Provider or its employees.

20.2. The responsibility of the Service Provider does not cover any damage caused for reasons that were unpreventable and beyond the control of the Service Provider’s employees and guests, or caused by the Guest him/herself.

20.3. The Service Provider may designate premises at the hotel where the Guest cannot enter. The Service Provider does not take any responsibility for any damages or injuries occurring in such places.

20.4. The Guest shall report any damage suffered to the hotel immediately, and shall make all the necessary data available to the hotel in order to clarify the circumstances of the damage or to prepare records for the police or for the police procedure.

20.5. The Service Provider shall be liable for valuables, securities and cash only if the item is expressly taken over by the Service Provider for safekeeping.

20.6. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any personal items left in the public areas or rooms of the Service Provider (including items and objects left in the room safe).

20.7. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any valuables left in the vehicle in the hotel’s parking lot; the Service Provider shall investigate the occurrence of damage to parked vehicles and, if the damage was caused by negligence attributable to the Service Provider, it shall compensate the Guest for such damage.

21. Consumer protection, data protection:

21.1. The Service Provider places a high priority on the protection of personal data to in the course of its activities. In all cases, the Service Provider shall process the personal data provided in compliance with the applicable laws, ensuring their security, taking the technical and organisational measures and establish the procedural rules necessary to comply with the relevant provisions of law.

21.2. The Service Provider shall summarise its principles of data processing in a separate Privacy Policy, which shall be permanently available on its website and the provisions of which the Service Provider accepts as binding upon itself. The Privacy Policy also includes information on individual types of data processing.

21.3. The Clerk of the Municipality of Debrecen and the Hajdú-Bihar County Consumer Protection Inspectorate shall exercise the rights of professional supervision over the activities of the Service Provider.

22. Force Majeure

Any reason or circumstance (e.g. war, fire, flood, extreme weather, power outage, epidemic, strike) which is beyond the control of either of the Parties (Force Majeure) shall exempt the Parties from their contractual obligations until such reasons or circumstances prevail. The Parties agree to do their best to keep the probability of the occurrence of such reasons or circumstances at the lowest level possible and to restore any resulting damage or delay as soon as possible.

23. The law to be applied in the Parties’ legal relationship, the competent court

The provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code shall apply to the legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Contracting Party. The court competent in the jurisdiction of the place where the service is provided shall act in any legal dispute that arises based on the Service Contract.

24. Issues not regulated in the present General Terms and Conditions and in the contracts concluded on the basis of the General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the applicable provisions of the Civil Code of Hungary.

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